The Subtle Art Of Gambling Online!

Online Slots

Online gambling is a type of victimless crime that is conducted worldwide over the internet, and studies have proven that it has an injurious impact on society. Many countries have taken drastic steps to ban internet gambling. They have made it illegal; however, some provinces in the united states, goa, daman, Canada practices this 96ace gambling sports yet, and it would certainly be precise to address India as a land of gambling. There are several popular virtual gambling games such as

  • Sports betting
  • Poker
  • Lottery
  • Rummy
  • Online casino

Legal or illegal:

In India, there are certainly no rules and laws for online gambling, but it is assumed to be illegal, and it is always better to stay under correct law. However, there are a few forms of betting that are considered legal.

  • The commercial exchange of goods and services requires technical skill and knowledge, and it is a major form of income and business and not considered gambling.
  •  IPL has emerged as the largest cricket league in the world where a large number of people show betting interest over the game by connecting virtually with the website like, Dream11 which is a completely safe and secured platform for online betting. 
  • Most recently, people have grown interested in the game like Ludo, where the players are betting real money, either winning or losing. The strategy lies simply that both the players have to bet over a certain amount of money, and later the admin pays the winning amount to the player.


Online Gambling Is Popular:

Nowadays, gamblers around the world are more convenient in playing ONLINE GAMBLING over their smartphones. There is no travel issue or time issue to be faced or spending fares in going up and down. There would be a comfortable environment, no noise or disturbances by fellow people. Here, just by a single click, you can give a try to various such gambling games and start playing rather than waiting for your turn at the table. Here, all your details are private, and no third party can access it, and you can play anywhere and anytime without being publicly exposed. Virtual gambling is also considered to be much cheaper than offline gambling, and another reason lies that the gamblers would be provided with many gaming options, unlike offline gambling.

Types of online gambling:

The main types of gambling Includes

  • Chance/luck-based: This type of gambling does not require any theoretical or practical knowledge. Just luck or destiny is enough to succeed, and the results are random and such games include lottery, bingo.


  • Skill-based: This type of gambling depends on one’s skill and ability to achieve the win or lose, and people have to apply a strong strategy to bet; otherwise, it would be a failure. This type of gambling includes betting on cricket, horse races or playing poker or rummy.


In conclusion, online gambling should be scrapped because it leads to severe negative consequences, and most importantly, crimes and frauds are at higher rates as gamblers fail to pay off debts. Their consistent desire to conquer more money often leads to huge financial loss and also the intoxicating nature as gamblers believe that the consumption of more alcohol increases the addiction level of gambling.

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