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Company profile
Company profile

Who are ADM Computers in Clothing?

ADM Computers in Clothing were established in 1982. We are therefore now 26 years old and one of the oldest Software Houses in the World. Probably the oldest dealing with the Clothing and Shoe Trades.

ADM have since 1982 been developing a range of Computer Software specific to the Clothing and Shoe trades.

Why do ADM Computers in Clothing claim to be The Computer Experts in the Garment Trade?

Company and Product Profile

ADM Computers in Clothing have, since 1982, been developing Software for the Clothing Trade.

The original software package developed by ADM was G-Mate for Garment Manufacturers. The term manufacturing implies the meaning as attached to it in London, i.e. a manufacturer is a company that market its own designs, receives orders from its customers, issues dockets to various factories (CMTs) to make the garments, and arranges deliveries of the finished garments to its customers. Invariably, manufacturers may have their own warehouses for materials and/or finished garments. They may supply customers from their own stocks under their own labels. Some manufacturers may even have their own factories. G-Mate can handle all these functions effectively and comprehensively.

ADM have in addition to the manufacturers package, also developed the following packages :

  • Wholesalers/Importers Package
    Catering for the requirements of wholesalers/importers/exporters.
  • CMT Package
    Catering for the requirements of a making unit/factory (CMT).
  • Retailers Package
    Catering for a retailer with a number of shops/concessions, etc.
  • Fabric Merchants
    Catering for the requirements of a Fabric Merchant


Apart from their expertise in the Garment Trade and in Computers, why is ADM Computers in Clothing special?

ADM is well known for its support to its customers. All G-Mate products need very little training - they need familiarisation rather than training. Even so, ADM staff are always available at any time 24 hours a day seven days a week. Furthermore, the ADM development team is continously upgrading and encompassing even further functions within our software. These updates are supplied free of charge to all existing users.

Something about the design philosophy of G-Mate

With an efficient computer system, the user should enter the relevant information with as few keystrokes as possible - after all, a user should not have to be a typist. On the other hand, a system should provide, through various reports, the maximum amount of useful information. G-Mate was designed with these two fundamental principles very much in our minds.


ADM Computers in Clothing therefore justify their claim as:

"The Computer Experts in the Garment Trade"


Serving the Garment Trade Worldwide

G-MATE: Simply Years Ahead

G-MATE: Received “Program of the Year Award”

G-MATE: The most advanced and comprehensive system in the World

G-MATE: Starts with an Explosion and proceeds to the Crescendo without an anticlimax

ADM: Absolute Commitment to Integrity and Technical Innovation


Contact Information

Telephone: (0044) 020 8882 2281
FAX: (0044) 020 8882 4653
Address: 50 Oakwood Avenue, Southgate, London N14 6QL, UK
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