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G-MATE for Garment Manufacturers

G-Mate is a flexible and comprehensive applications software package designed by ADM in association with many successful British Garment Manufacturers.

G-Mate helps manufacturers utilise resources with minimum effort and maximum efficiency, thus allowing more time for effective management and improved decision making.


Costing Sheet

Within the costing sheet, you can define all the items that will be used when issuing a docket. The costing sheet is designed to act like a spreadsheet, to enable easy changes of any inputs as shown on the actual copy of the screen shown below. We believe that the G-Mate costing sheet is one of the most advanced and comprehensive costing sheets ever developed. For example, you can allow G-Mate to select for you the various colours of linings, buttons, etc to correspond to the colours of the main fabric, at the materials evaluation stage or the dockets stage. You can also map the sizes of items such as zips, hangers, etc. for each garment size.


Garment Order Processing

The menu for entering the information of customer garment orders is very easy to use and allows the user to enter the information very quickly. Each style can be entered in the required colour and each colour can be entered in 32 sizes. There are many advanced features associated with this module, such as the provision of having an allocated costing sheet for each style that can be different to the basic costing sheet of that style. There is no limit to the number of styles or colours for each style that you can enter on an order. For most users however only one style is entered which can have a number of colours and sizes associated with it. Full information about the client and the styles is also provided through pop-up menus. As soon as an Order is saved, a Critical Path is automatically created for that Order.


Evaluation of Materials required for Garment Orders

G-Mate can evaluate the materials required for each outstanding order separately or for a number or orders combined. This is done by consulting the costing sheet for each style. The material requirements are then compared to the available material stocks and a list of materials to be ordered or allocated is provided. Please see menu below. The Purchase Orders are then automatically created and the Purchase Orders can than be printed or faxed or sent by email automatically to the suppliers to supply the required materials on the correct dates. At this stage, you can allocate materials against specific orders.
















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