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Fabric and Accessories Manufacturers and Wholesalers

Fabric and Accessories Manufacturers and Wholesalers
Fabric and Accessories Manufacturers and Wholesalers

This package has been developed in collaboration with

London based Companies.

It specifically caters for the needs of Fabric Manufacturers,

Merchants/Converters, Textile Agents, Trimmings/Buttons

Suppliers and Manufacturers, etc.

This Program has been designed to assist Fabric and Accessories Manufacturers as well as Fabric and Accessories Wholesalers/Retailers.

The Sales Orders can be entered either for each individual item in many colours as in the case of Fabric or can consist of a large number of items as in the case of Accessories. This information is then passed on to the relevant Processor, Converter, Supplier.

The delivery from the Processor, Converter, Supplier can be in any desirable unit. This includes the specification of individual length and width of rolls as well as their corresponding batch numbers.

Further properties defined are the weight per square and per linear metre as well as the weight of individual rolls. The composition and washing instructions are also defined. A photograph can be assigned to each item.

The despatching module also issues the Invoices to the Customer. The printed despatch Note can have all the relevant information listed above including the length of each individual length of roll despatched and a photograph of each item.

Bar Coded Labels can be printed for each roll or item. These labels can contain all the relevant information as required.

All the Modules are integrated so that the relevant adjustments, such as for Stock, are automatically made. This ensures the correct levels of stock and their valuations at any instant.

All documents and reports can be printed, faxed or emailed automatically through G-MATE.

G-MATE can be accessed and run concurrently from a number of remote offices including access from a laptop or from home. We have many multinational companies who share their data with users based in many countries as far apart as Europe, Far East, Africa, etc.


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