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What is G-MATE Retailers Package?

G-MATE Retailers Packageis a Computer Software Package that caters for the needs of a Garments or Shoes Retailer.


A few things about G-MATE Retailers Package:

Some basic Questions concerning a Retailer :

Do you want to know exactly what stock you have in each of your shops at any one time?

Do you want to have a breakdown of all your Stocks by Style, Colour and Size?

Do you want to test the integrity or efficiency of your Staff?

Do you want to know within a few seconds how profitable each of your shops is?

Do you want to know which shop sold which Styles during a particular week, or month or year, or indeed any period?

Do you want to know within a few seconds which are the higher selling Styles in any shop or in all shops?

Do you want to know within a few seconds which are the lower selling Styles in any shop or all shops?


Features of G-MATE Retailers Package:

The G-Mate Retailers Computer System has been specifically designed to cater for all the Business Management requirements of a Clothing or Shoe Company involved in Retailing.

Issues orders to Suppliers by Style, Colour and Size

Each Order to Suppliers can give details of delivery points viz. which shops or Warehouse.

Accepts Orders from Customers and issues letter of confirmation to Customer that Order is ready for collection.

When receiving Orders from Suppliers, Garment/Shoe Stocks are automatically updated in the corresponding Shop (up to 9999 Shops are allowed for with 9999 locations in each shop) or the Central Warehouse/s.

Advises you which Styles do not sell in one shop but sell in another, so that fast corrective action can be taken.

Easy and fast facility for transfer of Stocks from the Central Warehouse to any Shop or from one Shop to another with the corresponding transactions remembered within the System.

Daily Stocks are automatically adjusted when daily sales from each shop are entered

The Garment/Shoe Stocks are automatically adjusted when a Despatch Note is issued

Invoicing and Despatch Notes are linked for additional safeguard

Invoicing is also linked to our own Accounts Package.


G-Mate provides all the necessary information at any stage to ensure the proper running and monitoring of the Business. Such information also includes the profitability of all transactions as well as the profits made from each Shop, Style, Supplier, etc




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