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What is G-MATE Wholesalers Package?

G-MATE WHOLESALERS PACKAGE is a Computer Software Package that caters for the needs of a Garments or Shoes Wholesaler.

A few things about G-MATE Wholesalers Package:

Basic Questions concerning a Wholesaler:

How sure are you that all your Orders to Suppliers are an exact match of the Orders from your Customers?

How long does it take you to collate a number of small orders by Style, by Colour and by Size from your Customers to send one big order to your Suppliers, ensuring that such collation is 100% correct every time?

How sure are you that all your Deliveries are done absolutely correctly as per order received?

How sure are you that all Invoices correspond 100% with Delivery/Despatch Notes?

How do you Control your Garment/Shoe Stocks by Style, Colour and Size?

How do you evaluate the profitability of each transaction?

Which are the most profitable and least profitable transactions and/or Customers and/or Styles?

G-MATE Wholesalers can resolve all the above problems plus more!!!

G-MATE Wholesalers also offers you Invoicing and Integrated Full Accounts: Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, Nominal Ledger, Banking.



A few more things about G-MATE Wholesalers :


The G-Mate Wholesalers Computer System has been specifically designed to cater for all the Business Management requirements of a Clothing/Shoe Company involved in Wholesaling.

Accepts Orders from Customers - Automatically issues letter of confirmation to Customers.

Collates Orders from Customers by Style, Colour and Size in order to issue correct Order to Suppliers.

When receiving Orders from Suppliers, Garment/Shoe Stocks are automatically updated in the corresponding Warehouse (up to 9999 Warehouses/Shops and 9999 Bins or locations in each are allowed for)

G-Mate has the facility for direct deliveries from the Supplier to the Customer.

The Garment Stocks are automatically adjusted when a Despatch Note is issued, The Stocks are therefore carefully monitored in all your warehouses.

Invoicing and Despatch Notes are linked for additional safeguard

Invoicing is also linked to our own Accounts Package.


G-Mate provides all the necessary information at any stage to ensure the proper running and monitoring of the Business. Such information also includes the profitability of all transactions as well as the profits made from every style, from each Customer and each Supplier, etc.


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