How Do Online Slots Work?

Online slots, online slots, or slots are a very popular game in online casinos. This is the digital adaptation of the classic slot machines that we used to see in some bars, and that can still be found in physical casinos and gaming rooms.

It is important to remember that all legal online casinos have a Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure that results are generated unpredictably, and fair play is respected. Therefore, you can rest easy, as the results of the games are completely random.

Read the rules of the game in detail.

Before starting to play, it is important that you consult the rules of the game, as each slot has its peculiarities and has different mini-games that are normally associated with the theme of the game.

In general, the operation of this type of game is very simple, but some slots have bonus rounds that can be a little more complex if one is not very familiar with the world of slots.

We also advise you to try the demo mode of the slot you want to play first. This is one of the best ways to understand how the game works and see if you are interested in betting your money on it.

Decide how much money you want to bet.

When you have read and understood all the instructions, you should familiarize yourself with the game buttons and place your bet. Normally to make your bet, you will have to select :

  • How many payment lines do you want to activate?
  • How many coins do you want to bet on each payline
  • What is the value of each coin

Keep in mind that in some slots, you will not be able to change the number of pay lines available, but they will always be all active. Also, in some games, you can only bet a single currency for each pay line, and therefore this value will not exist.

Finally, in some slots, instead of selecting how many coins you want to bet per payline, you will have to select a level. Each level is associated with a number of coins. You will find this information in the instructions for each game.

All this makes the minimum and maximum bet vary depending on the game and the provider that has developed it.

Press the spin button and wait for the results

When you have selected your bet, you only have to press the spin button and wait to see the result of the game. Your prize will be determined based on the pay lines or winning combinations you get and the bet made. Keep in mind that during the game you will find:

  • Wildcards: symbols that can be replaced by others to complete winning combinations.
  • Multipliers: if they appear in a winning combination, they will serve to multiply your winnings.
  • Scatter icons: symbols that will help you get free spins or a win.
  • Bonus icons: symbols that will help you activate the game bonus round.

Types Of Slots Available

There are several different types of slot machines, depending on the reels they have and their game options. Below, you will find a small list with the different types of slots, and a little later, we will explain the characteristics and particularities of each group of slot machines.

In general, we can classify online slots into the following types:

  • 3 reel slot
  • 5 reel slot machine
  • Progressive or jackpot slots
  • I-Slots

We also have to remind you that there are plenty of bonuses available for playing slots. However, these are normally not available for progressive slots.

3 reel slot machine – the most classic

As their name indicates, these games are made up of three columns, rollers or drums. They are also known as classic slots, as the first slot machines that were installed in traditional casinos were of this type.

They provide fast gameplay and are usually simpler in terms of graphics and game complexity. With fewer reels, these slots often offer fewer pay lines or winning combinations.

5 reel slot – The evolution of this game

As its name indicates, this type of slot machine has 5 columns or rollers. Therefore, it can also offer many more paylines than classic slot machines. Many 5 reel slots have 15 or 20 winning combinations, although we can also find slots with up to 243 pay lines.

The game is also longer due to the fact that several videos and animations are included. On the other hand, having so many pay lines, you will not lose as fast, and you will almost always end up receiving some money in most of your spins. However, you should bear in mind that the more frequent your payments, the lower these will be.

What are the best slot games?

This depends a lot on the taste of each user! Some prefer bigger prizes, and others enjoy online slots that offer smaller prizes more frequently. Still, some of the most successful slot games are Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Jack snd the beanstalk, Jurassic Park, and all of the Batman saga. Progressive slots are also gaining popularity.

Can you play slots from mobile devices?

The answer is yes. You will not have any problem having fun with casino games (including slots) from your mobile or tablet. You can access them directly from the browser of your iOS or Android device, without having to download any application. Even 3D slots are available on any platform.

What are the offers there for online slots?

Normally, the promotions are usually the same as those found in other games. For this reason, the same promo will serve you to play roulette, blackjack, video poker, or slot machines. However, there is one type of offer that is exclusive to online slots: we are talking about free spins. With them, entertainment has multiplied.

What happens if I lose the connection while I’m playing?

Online casinos have it all planned, so you don’t have to suffer in case you have connection problems. If for whatever reason, you run out of the Internet, your game will continue, and you will be able to check the result in your history. If you have won, your money will appear directly in your casino account when you reconnect.